How do I host a pop up/mobile clinic?

Request a Pop-Up Clinic
Understand population need and event requirements
Submit a request to CDPH to identify potential partners
Receive response from CDPH with vaccine administrator partner
Prepare for pop up / mobile clinic
Administer vaccinations and clean up site
1-3 weeks before event
1-2 weeks before event
Day of event

Requirements to host a mobile clinic

  • Provide physical space to administer vaccines – this can be either indoors or outdoors (e.g. parking lot)
  • CDPH can help identify potential providers for the on-site vaccination event1. You may need to directly interact with providers to finalize detailed logistics (e.g., location, date, time).
  • If necessary, work with vaccine administrator to secure required infrastructure, such as table and chairs, temporary refrigeration, bathrooms, etc.

Typical requirements detailed in appendix

Complete an online request form to request a mobile / pop-up vaccination site

The intake form is the one-stop shop for requesting administration-related support from the State across different types of entities: Local Health Departments, K-12 schools, Community Based Organizations, Faith Based Organizations, Employers, etc.

Completing the form takes less than five minutes

If you are a Local Health Department and would like to specifically request vaccine supplies, you will
be directed to your MHOAC

What to expect after submitting request

Depending on the request and resources available, CDPH will evaluate your request and respond with one of two options:

a button.An introduction to a nearby healthcare provider with existing vaccine allocation

b button.An introduction to a state-contracted turnkey mobile clinic provider

CDPH will connect requesters with vaccine administrator partners (LHJ, provider, or turnkey operator) who are willing to support mobile vaccination events

It is the requester’s responsibility to respond to requests for additional information and finalize detailed logistics with the provider (e.g., align on the exact date and time of event).

1. The California Healthy Places Index (HPI), developed by the Public Health Alliance of Southern California, explores local factors that predict life expectancy and compares community conditions across the state. The HPI quartiles are the total state population divided into 25% segments based on conditions that shape health, including housing, transportation, and education.

​Source: CDPH Equity Operations workstream

The State will work to fulfill all requests, but higher priority will be given to organizations with access to populations living in HPI 1 ZIP codes1 and counties with lower vaccination rates

How to setup and prepare for an event (prior to day of event)

Requestor roles and responsibilities

  • Complete any necessary forms requested by matched provider detailing clinic logistics
  • Obtain any permits or agreements required to access and use the land/space to be used for the event
  • Procure resources requested by provider to administer vaccines (e.g., chairs, tables, signage etc.)
  • Prepare the physical site for clinic setup and vaccine administration
  • Promote event and direct individuals to vaccination area through posters, social media campaigns, etc. to build awareness & ensure site capacity is utilized appropriately
  • (Optional) schedule appointments with individuals to distribute demand across clinic working hours

Vaccine administration1 partner roles and responsibilities

  • Communicate any specific resource requirements in advance to site requestor so they have time to prepare
  • Provider should submit a vaccine request in myCAvax portal by 5 PM on Monday, the week before the vaccination event
  • In order to place a vaccine request, the provider should be active in myCAvax (For any questions please contact
  • Vaccine allocations are not guaranteed

1.Includes LHJs, providers, and turnkey providers depending on the match available
Source: CDPH Equity Operations workstream

How to setup and prepare for an event (day of event)

Requestor roles and responsibilities

  • Provide logistical and administrative support to vaccination partner
  • After vaccination administration is complete, fill out CDPH feedback survey sent via email
  • (Optional) Assist with patient check-in
  • Be present at the site on day of event to facilitate process (e.g., facilitate communication with patients on-site)

Provider roles and responsibilities

  • Work with clinic requestor to setup check-in, vaccination stations and finalize patient intake/administration process
  • Prepare for proper vaccine administration documentation (e.g., via new/existing My Turn clinic or EMR)
  • Prepare vaccines as directed by manufacturer
  • Check in patients including any necessary medical information
  • Administer vaccines to all eligible individuals (anyone age 12+)
  • Observe patients for potential allergic reactions
  • Conduct necessary reporting
  • Return any unused vaccine to original storage location for future use
  • Document any adverse events
  • After vaccination administration is complete, fill out CDPH feedback survey sent via email

Source: CDPH Equity Operations workstream