A Space Between Us

Tamara Cedre
Various locations and A Space Between Us throughout San Bernardino County

Project overview

A Space Between Us is a collection of oral, photographic and video stories collected from Black and Brown people that reveal how underserved communities deal with the threat of the COVID-19 virus. While acknowledging the need to physically isolate from each other and observe harm reduction protocols, the stories show how residents grapple with the demands of everyday life and still find ways to remain connected to loved ones and community. These stories serve as a way to connect people during a time of physical distance, celebrate our resiliency, while illustrating how to stay safe. Their stories are told through photographs, video, and audio recordings, and are broadly distributed through an interactive website, a zine distributed in seven newspaper stands placed in San Bernardino County, and short films screened at various locations.

About the Artist

Tamara Cedre was raised in Florida of Puerto Rican parents. Her photographs, video and film installations have been exhibited across the country and featured in web publications. She earned her BFA in Photography in Miami, and completed her MFA at the Maryland Institute College of Art. She moved to San Bernardino seven years ago, where she continues documentary work and teaches photography at California State University at San Bernardino.

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Tamara Cedre

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