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Californians have done an incredible job working together to protect the health and well-being of our communities. Over the course of the pandemic, numerous resources have been created to help keep Californians informed about steps they can take to keep themselves and their families safer. This page serves as a hub to connect Californians to these resources, which are organized by targeted topics and efforts. Please use these materials to continue to share steps we can all take to do our part to protect one another, including getting vaccinated and taking proactive measures to stay safe and healthy. Your actions, and our collective efforts, are still saving lives.

Materials created to provide clear, factual and actionable information for Californians to help them stay safer from COVID-19, including resources that help Californians understand the importance of wearing a mask when it can protect themselves and their community.

Let’s Get to Immunity: Ready-to-use resources and tools to educate Californians about COVID-19 vaccines, including how to get vaccinated.

The State of California’s hub for ‘Safe Schools For All,’ focused on information and resources related to COVID-19 and schools.

Showcasing community art projects throughout the state to highlight key safety measures that helped bring the pandemic to an end and honor the resilience of California’s communities.

Find links to broadcast-ready television and radio spots for campaigns and for priority campaign messages.

Youth Vaccine 12+: Download social media graphics, video and audio spots, and other resources about vaccinations for youth 12 and older.

Information about vital programs, services and information for both workers and employers, this site serves as a resource to help keep California’s workplaces safer.

Find COVID-19 Awareness and Vaccination materials for California’s tribal and American Indian/Alaska Native specific materials here.

California Connected: Learn more about California’s contact tracing program and how we can each do our part to keep communities safer.

Commitment to safety and accuracy. Our Trust and Safety team is committed to making sure Californians have accurate and timely information about COVID-19 vaccines. If you see or hear about any vaccine-related rumors, let us know by contacting

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