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This page serves as a hub to connect Californians to resources about COVID-19 vaccines and other harm reduction measures, organized by topic, and available in English and Spanish. Your actions, and our collective efforts, are still saving lives.

Importance of Boosters: Use these resources to help inform yourself and your community on the benefits of booster doses to keep you best protected!

Masking Tips and Resources: Help limit the spread of germs in your community by sharing these pre-created assets about masking up!

Testing Keeps Our Communities Safer: Check out these helpful resources about testing near you to keep your community safe from COVID-19.

Vaccination by Demographic: All means all! Learn more about how to keep your community informed and safe with these demographic-based resources.

WhatsApp Chatbot: The OCPSC WhatsApp chatbot is now available for Spanish and English speakers to access reliable vaccine and COVID-19 information. Help spread the word with pre-created assets.

Seek Treatment for COVID-19: Therapeutics are a great way to protect you and your community from the worst symptoms of COVID-19. Use these resources to better understand when to seek treatment.

Vaccination by Age: Vaccines are recommended for everyone 6 months and older to stay best protected from severe illness by COVID-19. Use these resources in your community to learn more about vaccine eligibility.

Addressing common myths about COVID-19 vaccines: There’s a lot of information out there about COVID-19. Learn the facts and stay informed by sharing these resources.

Commitment to safety and accuracy. Our Trust and Safety team is committed to making sure Californians have accurate and timely information about COVID-19 vaccines. If you see or hear about any vaccine-related rumors, let us know by contacting

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